The only thing worse than Corbyn leading Labour to defeat…

There’s only one thing worse than Jeremy Corbyn losing the next general election, and that’s Jeremy Corbyn winning the next general election.

Those of us who opposed the Islington MP’s campaign for the leadership of my party weren’t just worried about the fact that he’s unelectable, although he is.

In fact, if he had a realistic chance of becoming Prime Minister, we would have opposed him even more strongly.

Because the policies and principles that he has campaigned for all his life should worry us all.

Take Hamas and Hezbollah, for example. These are terrorist organisations. Their members are fascist thugs. They hate gays, women and Jews. They make Nick Griffin look like Terry Wogan. Yet Corbyn called them his “friends” and said it was a “pleasure and a privilege” to welcome them to this country.

Corbyn will always sympathise with the so-called “victims” of the hated West. No terrorist outrage is so appalling that it can’t be laid at the door of America and the UK.

Domestically, he wants to replicate the economic powerhouses of Venezuela and Cuba, with state oversight of every industry.

Corbyn still defends Labour’s “longest suicide note in history”, its 1983 manifesto, claiming it was not responsible for its cataclysmic defeat that year.

That someone so deluded and extreme can become leader of a once-great party says everything you need to know about Labour.

“No compromise with the electorate!” is Labour’s new slogan, resurrected from the 1980s. Yet sensible politicians know that in government, compromise is as inevitable as red boxes and sex scandals.

Fortunately, Mr Corbyn will never know what it’s like to be in government.

His members’ priority is protest, not power, so they don’t care that he’ll never see the inside of Number 10.

That’s something the rest of us should be relieved about.


This article was originally published in the Sun on Sunday on 13 September 2015

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