Political strategy & messaging

We will analyse your organisation’s aims and targets, then identify who you need to speak to at government level to meet those aims. We’ll then help refine your message and do as much as we can to make sure you can speak with the decision-makers that are important to you.

Media training

From composing an effective news release to how to handle being “doorstepped” by a pack of news hounds, Third Avenue can guide you through the basics of news messaging and management.

Select committee appearances

Making your organisation’s case to a select committee of the House of Commons or to a committee of the Scottish Parliament – whether in writing or in person – can be an invaluable experience. With first hand experience from both sides of the select committee system, we can give you the indispensable insights and training you’ll need to present an effective case.

Media strategy

Understanding the media and their agenda is a vital starting point for any organisation. We will help you engage positively with newspapers, broadcasters and online resources to make sure you’re reaching your intended audience in the way you want to reach them.

Crisis management 

Every organisation, at some point in its life, will face the flip-side of today’s 24-hour media coverage. When that happens, you’ll need a strategy already in place that will make sure you and your key people know how to make the most of a bad situation and minimise the damage to your organisation.

Social media strategy

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram… relatively new media that are becoming more important each day, and no organisation can afford to neglect their power to reach audiences. Used wisely and imaginatively, they can transform your business or your public perception. We can help make sure that Re-Tweets are for the right reasons…


Writing effective, simple scripts is harder than you might think. We’ll eliminate official-speak and jargon and make sure those you want to reach won’t in turn be reaching for a Thesaurus.

Publications (design and production)

Whether online or in hard copy form, we can give every leaflet or annual report the professional look that’s vital to your credibility.