Prime Minister Corbyn… and other things that never happened (or will never happen)

screenshot-2016-09-25-11-51-59Third Avenue director Tom Harris is one of the authors of a new collection of “counter-factual” political histories published by BiteBack.

The 23 essays include intriguing what-ifs such as

  • What if Britain had lost the Falklands War?
  • What if Scotland had voted Yes in 2014?
  • What if David Miliband had beaten Ed Miliband to the Labour leadership in 2010?
  • What if Lyndon Johnson had been shot down in 1942?

Tom is the author of one of two essays lending the book its title, and speculates about what might happen in the event of Jeremy Corbyn, the newly re-elected Labour leader, actually winning a general election. NOTE: Not for readers of a nervous disposition…

Prime Minister Corbyn is available direct from BiteBack and from all good bookstores. Other online shops are available.

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