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Labour MPs have just given Jeremy Corbyn a big ‘screw you’

Politics, eh? One minute you’re bemoaning how your party resembles a coma patient and you might as well pull the plug. The next, the patient is positively kicking the NHS blankets onto the floor and asking for a glass of water.

As a word of explanation, there now follows quite possibly the most boring sentence on the internet this year: the results of elections to the chairmanships of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) committees have been announced.

No, don’t click away! This is important. Each committee covers the remit of a Whitehall department, and the chair of each committee, in theory, at least, speaks for the PLP (note: not the front bench) on those subject areas.

PLP committees are an oft-overlooked institution, rarely meeting and never noticed – by Labour MPs, let alone the media. Continue reading

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