“I have always found Tom Harris one of the most thoughtful of  Westminster politicians. One of the first MPs to understand the power of  social media, Tom has always been able to work across the political spectrum. He is held in high regard by SNP representatives.”

The Rt. Hon. Alex Salmond MP, MSP – Former First Minister




IainLBC2015Blue“Tom and Carolyn don’t just know their way around the political system, they understand the importance of developing media strategies both in the traditional mainstream media and also online. I interview campaigners, advocates and politicians on my radio show every day, yet few seem to understand how best to get their message across. They should hire Third Avenue to show them how it’s done.”

Iain Dale, Drivetime presenter, LBC Radio & former Conservative Parliamentary Candidate




james dornan

Despite being members of different political parties, Tom and I had no difficulty
in working together on a number of
occasions for the benefit of our constituents. Tom is very well respected and liked across the political spectrum.”

James Dornan – MSP for Glasgow Cathcart and Scottish Government Whip




“Tom Harris has an exceptional understanding of public policy, how it is devised, honed and implemented. He is widely admired across the House of Commons.”

The Rt. Hon. John Hayes MP – Minister of State for Security